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Tmnet Streamyx Reseller


Frequently Asked Questions

What is tmnet streamyx?
tmnet stream is an "Always On" high-speed broadband Internet access with speeds from 512kbps up to 2 mbps.
How do I subscribe for tmnet streamyx?
You can personally contact any tmnet streamyx Authorised Resellers, Kedai Talikom or tmnet clickers.
How much do I pay for tmnet streamyx?
tmnet streamyx is charged on flat subscription fee per month depending on package subscribed.

Where do I pay?

You can pay your bill at tmnet clickers, the nearest Kedai Telekom or any TM Net payment outlet or via online at and click "Online Services".

What is the minimum subscription period for tmnet streamyx?

You have to subscribe to tmnet streamyx for a minimum period of 12 months.

How do I install tmnet streamyx?
(i) Without modem package
If you subscribe to this package, tmnet streamyx Self Installation CD will be provided upon registration (subject to successful application), whereby you can save RM50 on the installation fee. However, if you are unable to complete the installation by yourself and require assistance from our installer, RM50 will be chargeed.
(ii) With modem package
If you opt for this package, the installation will be done by our installer, who will contact you to arrange for an installation.
Can I change the package before installation?
However, please ensure that all equipment requirement are ready before the installer comes to your premise. An installation fee of RM50 is chargeable.
NO. You are not allowed to change the package before installation. Should you need to do so, kindly cancel your application and reapply. You can change the package only after the service is installed.

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