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Tmnet Streamyx Reseller

Manzali Enterprise is your Authorised Reseller for
Tmnet Streamyx to speed up internet access!

Speed up!
All you need to know about

All you need to know about speeding up your Internet access with tmnet streamyx.

tmnet streamyx is here to help you speed up your Internet access, so that you can keep up with time. tmnet streamyx is a high-speed broadband Internet access which provides an "always on" connection with speeds from 512kbps up to 2.0mbps.
What can I get from tmnet streamyx?
  • Faster Internet surfing than normal dial-ups.
  • Video streaming - watch smooth and high quality videos, movies or pictures.
  • Smoother online games.
  • Faster content and file downloading
  • Cost-saving unlimited connection at a flat rate.
  • Video Messaging Services and other broadband applications.

About Tmnet...

tmnet streamyx is owned by TM Net Sdn Bhd
A nation's leading Internet Service Provider in Malaysia and largest in South East Asia

The Differences Between Dial-up and Tmnet Streamyx
You need a normal phone line and a dial up modem.
You need a Telekom Malaysia direct fixed-line and a DSL modem.
Customers are charged according to the hours spent online.
Customers are charged on a flat rate. Which means you can go online as long as you want, for one fixed monthly price.
Limited connection speed of 56K.
Fast connection speeds - 512k, 1M, 2M depending on the package subscribed.
On a normal dial-up connection it takes about 1 minute 30 seconds to download a 500 KB file.
On average, it takes about 10 seconds to download a 500 KB file over a 512/256 kbps connection.

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